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Special Track on
Design and Modeling in Science, Education, and Technology: DeMset 2024©
in the context of
The 28th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics: WMSCI 2024©
September 10 - 13, 2024
Organized by IIIS
in Orlando, Florida, USA.

  Submission of Abstract for Inter-Disciplinary Communication

Given the small percentage of authors that can or prefer to commit to in-person presentation, as evidenced by the small number of participants (no more than 15%) interested in face-to-face participation in the last collocated conferences that we held in July 2022, March 2023 and September 2023, the Organizing Committee has decided to hold the 2024 conference as a fully virtual event. Due to the growing perception by the majority of our participants that the pros of virtual participation outweigh its cons (possibly caused by the preference for remote engagement that has developed and grown since the COVID-19 Pandemic), the Organizing Committee has decided to accommodate our participants, maximize the advantages that a virtual conference provides to so many, and hold the 2024 conferences as fully virtual events.

Please select one of the two options offered, under the "Authors" tab, to participate virtually.


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